Esto es un experimento, sí sí. Un experimento para una persona ajena al mundo de las nuevas tecnologías. Un experimento de una madre que ve cómo crecen sus hijos y que no está al día de todos los avances de los que ellos van a disponer, que no tiene tiempo para quedar todo lo que le gustaría con sus amigos, ni para hacer todas las cosas que le gustan. Intentaré estar conectada... da igual dónde esté! En fin, vamos a probar, es un experimento...



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nuevo álbum de Justice

Tatuaje animado con un código QR

What about a code QR tattoo?

¿os hace un tattoo con un código QR?

Hacer la compra en el metro...

¿Os imagináis poder hacer la compra mientras se espera en la parada al metro? Los supermercados Tesco lo han probado en Seúl,.... se necesita smartphone, vinilo con código de producto y código QR... ¿Lo veremos por España en el metro, paradas de autobús...?

Faber Castel

Incredible Spiral Illustrations by Chan Hwee Chong for Faber Castell drawing art advertising

Love this promo video for marker maker Faber CastellTo demonstrate their Artist Pens, Faber Castell had Singapore-based art director and designer Chan Hwee Chong create meticulous spiral drawings of three masterpieces using their pens. Watch the video, amazing... Girl With A Pearl Earring

Via thisiscolossal

Tarta Red Velvet

Red Velvet by Ofelia from Gonzalo Posada León on Vimeo.

Basada en una receta de Pancracio,  este vídeo de ofeliatartas es impresionante! Repostería casera por encargo en Sevilla.


Top 12 Useful Internet Acronyms

[Infographic provided by]

An acronym is an abbreviation that consists of the first letter of each word in a phrase, title, or name. For regularly repeated phrases, this is a handy way to type less and speed up conversation. That´s why they are so often used on the internet nowadays!

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Swoop - Storage Bag & Play Mat-in-One

I remember seeing a playing mat for kids when I lived in USA. It was perfect for keeping all the toys storaged, and the kids didn´t mind to pick up their toys when being told! I haven´t seen them in Spain, and I think it´s a great idea, specially for tiny pieces, like Lego...!! 

Swoop - Storage Bag & Play Mat-in-One

You can get it at spoonsisters



Sainkho Namtchylak (sainkho),born 1957, is a singer originally from Tuva. She is known for her Tuvan throat singing or Khöömei

I think she´s amazing. She has an incredible voice, it´s like a healing voice. Her music encompasses avant-jazz, electronica, modern composition and Tuvan influences. She uses the new technologies because (she says) "they help and make it easy to show the new generations this ancient singing" 

Sainkho Namtchilak - ALDA FENDI SHOW 2010 from sainkhosite on Vimeo.

Naked Spirit -- Sainkho Namtchylak  & Djivan Gasparyan on Duduk from libertinesurrealist on Vimeo.


Time for tea

Know all the facts about tea time!!


TieSight Mac App

Teach yourself  to tie a half-windsor or bow tie with this Mac App. Using the camera of your computer, TieSight Mac App makes it really easy to tie a tie!

Just select the knot you want to tie and bring yourself into the right position in front of your computer screen. It will show you step by step how to tie the perfect knot. All you have to do is follow the instructions which TieSight Mac App will give you.


Famous cartoon characters eyes

Famous cartoon characters eyes Art Print

Want to see how many "famous cartoon characters eyes" do you recognize? If you want to play, try this interactive cheat sheet, yoniishappy

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